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"... I just love my hair and I have had so many compliments about my hair. ..."
.- Betty Tapp

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Discount Coupon for New City Cut Clients

We would love to make your hair looks more beautiful than ever. If you never had an opportunity to give us a try before, please use our coupon below as an invitation to our hair salon.

Free $30 Gift
Come in for a Japanese Hair Straightening and we'll give you a $30 gift.
Please present a copy of this coupon at your appointment.

City Cut Hair Salon - has been in business since 1987
2198 N. High St
Columbus, Ohio 43201
Call (614) 297-8609 for Appointment
Mon. - Sat. 11am - 7pm
Walk-ins Welcome!
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City Cut Salon & Day Spa - new location opened in Sep 2005
1186 Kenny Centre Mall
Columbus, OH 43220
Call (614) 326-2888
Tues. - Sat. 11am - 7pm
Sun 11am - 5pm
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