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"... I was initially very nervous about driving all the way from Wisconsin for my thermal reconditioning, but I am thrilled with the results! ..."
- Andrea Nichols

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Thermal Reconditioning is The Only "Straight" Answer to Your Curly, Frizzy Hair

Got curly, frizzy hair? Wait, don't pull your hair out just yet! We have a solution for you, and you're going to love it!

The chance is you are one of many women with curly hair attempts to straighten, or smoothes it everyday. In the old days, your only solution to frizzy hair was chemical straightener + blow dryer + a lot of time, which produced stiff, crunchy, and damaged hair.

The good news is -- the latest hair restructuring technology known as Thermal Reconditioning or Japanese hair straightening (introduced from Japan) has replaced traditional harsh chemicals and heated board with milder ingredients and special irons. It straightens your hair for good -- Caucasian hair, Asian hair, Latin hair, Middle Eastern hair, Norwegian hair.

Thermal Reconditioning in progress - click here for more picturesThe Thermal Reconditioning treatment uses heat to restructure the cuticles so it lies flat, giving you glossy, pin-straight hair that does not require blow-drying. If you waste a lot of time to prepare your hair every morning but with marginal result, Thermal Reconditioning is your perfect answer.

The procedure goes like this: first, a mixture is combed through wet hair, then special iron is applied over each section for locking in the new shape. The treatment ends a neutralizing solution, which prevents the hair from looking fried. The new straightened hair will stay that way for good until the new hair grows out. Though treatments can take several hours, the results are as sure as Cher, Julianne Moore, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman and other Hollywood movie stars and super models.

It's very real! Your hair can be just as beautiful as movie stars and super models you saw on the magazines. City Cut employs the best Thermal Reconditioning technique and products to achieve amazing results for your hair. We have many clients who enjoy the freedom of being curl-free, and you should too.

Is Thermal Reconditioning really that amazing? Yes, it is, but don't take our words for it. Take a look at the before-and-after pictures of Thermal Reconditioning done by us; read the letters from our Thermal Reconditioning clients; research all the information you can get your hands on. You will see the view of our clients before you.

We are the first salon in Ohio that has been doing Thermal Reconditioning treatment since 1999. Owner of the salon, Alan Chan, is the ONLY stylist in Ohio to receive advanced training by Milbon™ and Acqua™ of Japan. (Milbon™ is the manufacturer of Liscio solution and other Thermal Reconditioning products.)

Don't "experiment" your hair at those salons that either are inexperienced in Thermal Reconditioning or use inferior hair straightening systems, you will be disappointed. In fact, we have fixed many unsuccessful treatments done by other hair salons, including the "big and famous" in this beauty business.

Give us a call today for FREE consultation. You will be very glad to see the result of your amazing hair transformation -- just like our clients did.

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