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More Satisfied Clients Of Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment

Tammy, thank you for your compliment. We continue to work hard to ensure our clients have great "hair" experience here at City Cut.

I just wanted to email you and tell you what a great job your entire staff did on my hair when I had my hair thermally reconditioned by you.  I have been having this process done for several years and traveling to a very upscale salon in New York City(I am from Minnesota)and the treatment that I received from your salon was even better, not to mention less expensive.  Thank you to Alan and the entire staff at City Cut for the excellent service, and also for taking such good care of me while I was there--bringing me lunch, drinks, and magazines.  Alan, you are so friendly and skillful, it was a pleasure to have had this experience, and it was worth the 13 hour drive to get there.  I will definitely be coming back the next time.  My hair is so soft and silky, and there was absolutely no breakage, which is something I have always experienced at my New York Salon.  The entire staff was very careful not to overprocess my hair.  I was skeptical going to this salon at first since I had never been there before, but you have my total confidence now.  Once again, THANK YOU for your excellent work!!! I will see you in 6 months!

Tammy Sturm

Email from Tammy Sturm on Monday, 06/13/08 11:49 PM

Thanks, Celeste. We look forward to see you again.

To Emily, Michelle and Roberta:

A millions thanks for the superb TR  job done on my hair!    Not knowing if my hair could be successfully done (I am African American and have read this process does not work well on African American hair), I researched the process along with several salons hoping I could be a candidate for thermal reconditioning.  After taking 2 ½ years to completely grow out my relaxed hair , I made my appointment for last week, almost afraid to get my hopes up for a significant change. I even was somewhat fearful that my 2 ½-year wait would be completely in vain.

I am amazed with the results!  The three of you worked tirelessly on my hair, and although it was an all-day process, it was worth every second!  My hair is completely straight, shiny – just beautiful!  Your work and customer service was impeccable.  Any doubts I had were laid to rest - I can honestly say I have never had such a positive experience at a hair salon.   I am definitely sold on thermal reconditioning and can’t imagine ever reverting to a relaxer or unruly curls again.  As clichéd as it sounds, this has changed my life.  Thanks a million girls!  Looking forward to seeing you again.


Celeste Holland
West Virginia

Email from Celeste Holland on Wednesday, 05/11/08 11:28 PM

Thank you, Amy. All of us are praying for you. Hope you are getting better as we speak.

To the wonderful stylists at City Cut:

I have suffered with my naturally curly hair for most of my life. It has been the source of a loss of self-confidence, stress, annoyance, and even at times ridicule, for as long as I can remember. I've wanted to try thermal reconditioning since I first heard about it a few years ago, but I was skeptical-- I tried to have my hair chemically relaxed in the past, only to have no change occur at all.

After I was recently diagnosed with a chronic illness, I decided to simplify my routine and give thermal reconditioning a chance. I drove two and a half hours from the Cleveland area to City Cut because of its excellent reputation. I will make the drive again without hesitation. The stylists at City Cut were warm, welcoming, caring, patient and thorough. I was very impressed with their expertise with this technique. My hair is perfectly straight, soft, silky and shiny.

I never thought I could have hair so manageable. It's truly a miracle. I recommend this process to anyone with curly hair. If cost is a factor, consider the amount of money you will save in styling products alone!

Thank you, City Cut, for changing my life for the better!

Email from Amy on Monday, April 25, 2008 1:13 PM

We have many repeated clients. Shelley is one of them and from Naples, Italy.

Hi again!  I just wanted to leave another note and let you know happy I am with my hair after having thermal reconditioning done a second time.  I was very pleased with the results the first time around; so much so that I traveled from Italy again for my second treatment!  I don't trust anybody else to do this except for Alan and his staff, and when I move back to the States permanently in July I have every intention remaining a loyal customer to City Cut.  Thanks again Alan!  Looking forward to seeing you this summer....

Naples, Italy

Email from Shelley on Monday, December 06, 2007 2:55 AM

Thanks Nina for your nice comments.

I would just like to say that thermal straightening system done at city cut works! I just had my hair done and am pleased to say that I absolutely love it. Thank you Alan and staff!!! I will definitely recommend your services and I will continue to get my hair done at your salon exclusively. The Crede straightening products and the thermal flat iron are amazing as well.

Thank you,

Email from Nina on Wednesday, December 01, 2007 8:25 PM

Annette and Gina drove 5 hour to our salon. We just want to say thanks to these two wonderful ladies and share their experience here with you. Please feel free compare us with other salons.

Dear Alan,

My daughter Gina and I want to thank you and Michelle for your time and talent you have for straightening our hair. We love how it looks and feels. Both of you have so much patience and skill in your profession. It was a 5 hour one way trip but it was well worth it. We will be back! Thanks Again.

Annette & Gina Klingel

This is just one of many examples of bad experience from other hair salons. Don't waste your money and time elsewhere. We got the job done. Thanks, Margie. We will see you soon.

Dear Alan,

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! You fixed my hair!! Thank you for fixing the botched straightening job I received in North Carolina! My hair is soooooo soft and beautifully straight! You really did a super job, and thank you also to Roxanne who also worked on me. You guys are THE BEST, and I will be your customer for life! You are definitely worth the 3 hour drive from my home in Kentucky, and I will see you in 6 months. I also really LOVE the CREDE products ... They DEFINITELY are making my hair better!!


Thanks Again, and see you soon!!

Margie Davis
Verona, Kentucky

Email from Margie Davis on Friday, June 11, 2007 at 16:57:57

Now we can actually say we have a client all the way from Italy. Impressive, yes? Thank you very much, Shelley.

Having extremely naturally curly and frizzy hair, I have wanted thermal reconditioning since I read about it a couple of years ago.  It has been impossible to find a salon that offers this in Naples, Italy, where I currently live.  I recently visited family in Ohio, and while I was there I discovered City Cut was the closest salon that offered thermal reconditioning.  The day after I arrived in the States, I drove to Columbus with much anticipation!  As soon as I arrived, Alan and crew made me feel as comfortable as possible, knowing I had just arrived from Italy and was extremely jet-lagged.  

I LOVE my hair!  It is incredibly soft, does not get frizzy, and I don't have to spend 30 minutes on my hair getting ready like I did before.  When I returned to Italy my friends and co-workers could not believe how straight it was.  My husband absolutely loves it - he was never able to put his fingers through it before but now he won't leave it alone!

Alan and Michelle - thank you!!  You guys did an awesome job and I know you went above and beyond the call of duty with my hair!  I am definitely coming back to City Cut when my hair starts growing out.

Take care,
Shelley Barolet

Email from Shelley Barolet on Thursday, June 10, 2007 at 01:26:43

Wow, this client drove 3 1/2 hour. That's like 200 miles away! We love you, Lisa!!!

I had thermal reconditioning done on Saturday, May 8th.  I drove 3-1/2 hrs. from Pennsylvania to have this done.  My hair is fine and very frizzy.  Michelle was my hairdresser who performed the tr.  She was absolutely wonderful!  She took me in right away and spent the complete 5 hrs. with me.  All her attention was on my hair.  I would recommend this to anyone.  It took me a little while to get use to it because it was such a change.  I'd had the same puffy hairstyle for 20 years.  It was well worth having it done.  Great job Michelle!

Email from Lisa Mumford on Wednesday, May 12, 2007 at 09:02:35

Another client drove 2 1/2 hour to see us. We really appreciate your comment, Stephanie.


Just to let you know, my hair is straight. It's been raining every day since I had it straightened on the 26th and it did not frizz up or kink up. Thank you. It was worth the 2 1/2 hour drive.

Email from Stephanie Kusens on Friday, April 2, 2007 at 09:04:06

This client is from Minnesota. She sent us 2 emails to show her appreciation of our job well done. (Thank you and Thank you, Kim)


I wanted to thank you and Michelle for making my hair more manageable then I ever thought possible. I have tried absolutely everything to control my naturally curly, frizzy hair and had just about given up when I discovered your Japanese Hair Straightening system. You have made my hair soft and healthy looking but most of all MANAGEABLE! I travel 90% of my time for work and now not having to wet my hair down in the morning to control the curl has given me time for more important things--like sleep! Thank you so much and I look forward to getting a touch up later this year!

Email from Kim Ross on Saturday, February 28, 2007 at 21:20:10


I'm from Minnesota and I traveled to Columbus just to have my very unruly naturally curly hair straightened. It was well worth the trip. This change has drastically improved my life. I look better, feel better and I have more time to do other things rather then battle my hair style. I get compliments all the time now and people who are used to the curls are still in awe. Thanks again and we'll see you the next time!

2nd Email from Kim Ross on Thursday, March 4, 2007 at 15:44:49

Jo had tried 2 different beauty salons before she came to us for help. We serve other clients with similar situation all the time. We hope this won't happen to you.

Oh my gosh!! This is my third TR. First I had Yuko done in March of 2002...I sat as a model for a stylist with virtually NO experience in TR...I knew I was taking a chance. I was underprocessed. And, although I had straight hair, I still had to work 45 minutes blowing it out and using the flat iron...not AT ALL what I wanted. Four months later, I went to a different salon and was TR'd again w/the Rusk system with a stylist who claimed to be an expert. She said she'd performed approximately 100 TR's. I was still underprocessed ...aaahhhhhhhh!! I still had to work 45 minutes unless I wanted to look like I was wearing a haystack on my head. My hair was starting to get really damaged from using the flat iron so much.

With each of these systems, I sat for about five hours for the procedure. Then I met Alan, Emily and Michelle from CITY CUT!! Yipee!!! They used the Liscio system. I LOVE MY HAIR!!! Their expertise, along with a superb product, has given me the hair that I've been looking for. It's soft, shiny and takes me about 10 minutes to blow dry...with my fingers!! I simply use a curling iron to bump the ends under and I'm done. I LOVE IT!! It took them 11 HOURS, but it was worth every second of hair simply needed lots of processing's very thick and course. They pampered me while I was there too with lunch, dinner and snacks in between. They are great and I'm actually on my way back down there today for a color. The drive is 2 hours each way. That right there should speak volumes!!

Thank you City Cut!!


Email from Jo on Saturday, February 21, 2007 at 10:05:59

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